Microsoft at DIKU - Tech Talk 02.10.2019

    Event Location

  • DIKU’s old Libarary (4-0-17), Universitetsparken 1 (ground floor) DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
  • Event Date

  • October 02, 2019 5:00pm - 7:00pm (GMT+01:00) Copenhagen
  • Event Description:
    • Meet us for the Tech Talk 02.10.2019 :)
      Thanks to cooperation between DIKU Business Club and Kantinen its my pleasure to invite DIKU students and alumni for Microsoft Tech Talk.
      During around 60 minutes one of our expert and software engieneer Andrea Tino will share his knowledge on DevOps. We will also use couple of minutes to share when and how to apply for our intern and graduate opportunities.
      Finally we will invite you for small networking and snacks&drinks in the local cantine:)

      Title: “From Agile to DevOps: The modern Software Development & Delivery Practices”


      Abstract: During the course of this tech talk, we will cover the past 30 years of Software Development from a methodology point of view, to understand where we are coming from. So we will talk about the modern way to develop and ship software in the Cloud today.


      Bio: Andrea Tino (Software Engineer at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen) - Andrea came to Denmark 5 years ago to work as a Software Engineer at Microsoft, after living  and working in Japan as a Mathematical Engineer. Andrea originally comes from Italy, where he received his Bachelor and Master Degrees in Computer Science Engineering, and enjoys living abroad, learning new cultures and languages (not just programming ones). When not coding, he typically has fun diving from springboards and platforms.

      17:00 - arrival (please note that after 17:00 main door access requires student /guest card!)
      17:10 - 18.00 - Tech Talk
      18:00 - ~19:00 - Networking
      To register Please leave your contact info - we will only email you to send over information on our career opportunities for students and grads - We invite you to also check those out on webpage.
      CV upload NOT required:)