Microsoft at DTU - Tech Talk 10.10.2019

  • Event Location
    DTU - Library Scene
  • Event Date
    October 10, 2019 5:00pm - 7:00pm (GMT+01:00) Copenhagen
  • Event Description:
    • Meet us for the Tech Talk 10.10.2019 :)
      Its my pleasure to invite DTU students and alumni for Microsoft Tech Talk.
      During around 90 minutes software engieneers AND DTU alumni - Riccardo Cannistra & Tilemachos Pantazis will share thier knowledge on Cloud Hosted microservices.
      We will also use couple of minutes for them to share how they got into Microsoft & when and how to apply for our intern and graduate opportunities.
      Finally we will invite you for small networking and snacks&drinks :)


      Title: The Microservices approach and architecture style: how to build, deploy and manage Cloud-hosted microservices.


      Abstract: What are microservices and what are their benefits and downsides? How can we take advantage of microservices to address today's business needs and what design approach should software developers undertake?

      We will go through the main principles of the microservices architecture and explore the capabilities offered by the Azure Service Fabric distributed systems platform.

      A short demo will also follow to show the development and deployment processes to run a microservices application in the Cloud, including a brief touch on other Azure Cloud services.



      17:00 - arrival 
      17:05 - 18.30 - Tech Talk
      18:30 - ~19:00 - Networking
      To register Please leave your contact info - we will only email you to send over information on our career opportunities for students and grads - We invite you to also check those out on webpage.
      CV upload NOT required:)