Africa to Redmond - Programmer search from Ashesi University

  • Description:
    • Engineering
      Do complex problems make you thrive? You are intellectually curious and love to innovate and collaborate. 
      Join Microsoft to envision, create and build the solutions and tools of the future. Together, let's empower billions. 
      This is where grassroots innovation and large-scale engineering coexist. The environment can lead to some fascinating stories.
      Functions Include: 
      Development Engineering: Your work is core to what we do. Development massive, complex software systems that scale to billions. 
      Customer-facing technologist: Use your technical expertise in the planning, execution and communications of prorgam activities. 
      Benefits and Perks: 
      - Building world-changing solutions
      -Network and collaborate with the brightest in the industry
      - Work-life balance and the flexibility to work remotely allows teams to be productive anywhere
      -Endless career paths filled with robust and diverse roles
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